Dutch Language School in Utrecht

Grammar A1 - B1 is designed for those who wish to repeat and strengthen their grammar knowledge from level A1 - B1. On this course you will repeat the grammatical subjects in theory and work with several exercises to strengthen the grammatical use of everyday Dutch. The course is intended for you who already speak the Dutch language well and are at level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

The course is perfect for you who would like to
-  prepare for tests or exams in Dutch
-  write even better Dutch
-  make your conversation more structured and fluent
-  feel more comfortable in using more sophisticated grammatical forms at work and in everyday life

After completion of the course
After completing the course, participants are supposed to be able to use correct conjugation of adjectives, pronouns, and adjectives relative to subject and modifiers, and successfully conjugate verbs according to voice, tense, mood, number, and person. They will feel more comfortable in their use of everyday conversational Dutch and in writing documents.


Dutch First TIP:  Are you preparing for State exam I? Prepare yourself even better with our writing, reading, listening comprehension or oral communication skills workshop. Participants can continue with level B2 after successfully completing Grammar A1 -B1.